Boarding and Kennels

Why board with us?

We look after your animals like they were our own. Sometimes while boarding, certain emergencies arrive. This could include anything from minor stomach upset and diarrhea to thunderstorm anxiety, lacerations or bloat. Dr. Kitchen is on-site for any emergency, whether big or small. You have the option to be notified before any treatment, or can trust in us that we will do the right thing for your pet, and your wallet.

Dogs are exercised in our outdoor grassy fenced-in backyard, and sleep in air conditioned runs that are matched to suit the size of the family pet. We supply food, bedding and water at the times you specify. We feed Science Diet Maintenance dry or wet food, but you're more than welcome to bring your own food and belongings. If your pet requires medication, please bring it in the original bottles with the correct directions. With our on-site pharmacy, we can supply refills if needed.

Pets can be given a bath, nail trim and teeth brushing at your request. Full vaccines are required to board, and can be given while they board. We recommend the Bordetella vaccine prior to boarding for full coverage. We now offer a pleasant ORAL Bordetella vaccine, which is just as effective but not given up the nose, as this is uncomfortable for them. Need a dental, or surgery? This can be done while your pets board! Just ask.

We love our feline friends too! Cats get their own quiet suites with multiple levels and daily to twice-daily brushings and feedings. We have catnip playtime, but only those granted permission.

All animals are thoroughly inspected for fleas, and given a 100% flea killing treatment that is non-lethal to the pet, if necessary.

Dr. Kitchen loves exotics, and can take care of reptiles, little mammals and birds too.

Rates per Day

  • Dogs < 20 lbs: $30.00
  • Dogs 21-40 lbs: $34.00
  • Dogs 41-100 lbs: $38.00
  • Dogs > 100 lbs: $40.00
  • Cats: $25.00
  • Ask about birds, small mammals, aquatics, and reptiles.
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